If your business utilizes LTL freight shipping, it’s important to understand the diverse ways that make your LTL shipping process run smoothly. To better manage your transportation expenses and maintain good relationships with your carriers here are 3 tips that can help you save time, reduce errors and ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time.

Use Proper Packaging

If your shipment is not properly packaged, you might be paying extra for shipping space you don’t really need. An improperly packed shipment also increases the risk of damages that may occur with the handling of your goods. It’s important to recognize, and plan for, the things can go wrong, such as improper package handling and damage. If you have a well-packaged shipment that is difficult to damage, it may save you the time and hassle of filing a tedious freight claim.

Select a Quality Carrier

The cheapest option does not always mean the best option. Carriers with significantly lower rates and reasonable transit times are not generally known for their service levels. Although you may have no problem taking a negligible risk with some of your shipments to save money – it might not be the best idea for a high-value shipment.

Choosing a reliable carrier that will take proper care of your shipment, pick up and deliver on time and provide clear visibility in transit will mitigate some of this risk. Also, ensuring that your shipment will go direct, without being transferred to partner carriers will increase the visibility and decrease the risks.

Ensure Your Bill Of Lading Is Correct

Today, more LTL carriers are enforcing the accuracy of your bill of lading. Many carriers now even require the proper freight classification and NMFC item number. Providing an inaccurate bill of lading can cause issues for carriers, straining the shipper and carrier relationship. The MyLTL system generates a bill of lading for every shipment helping you ensure accuracy and reduce errors.


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