is pleased to announce the latest major release of the MyLTL platform.  Since 2013, the MyLTL platform has been the industry leader in providing freight management software to small and midsize companies, who manage their own LTL shipments.  Traditionally full-service freight management software has been out of the reach for this market due to its high costs and long implementation times.

The MyLTL platform is an online freight management tool that allows companies that manage their own LTL shipments and carriers, to easily quote, schedule, track, and report on their shipments in one place. 

Based on a recent survey, over 50% of companies manage 10+ carrier relationships and request up to 5 quotes per shipment.  Even more astonishing is the fact that 84% say they call their carriers to get these quotes.  This manual process leads to a much higher cost of shipping due to the amount of time wasted getting quotes and scheduling shipments.

MyLTL was created to save companies time and money related to their shipping activities. According to Michael Flinner, co-Founder of MyLTL, “We wanted to help companies that manage their own carriers for LTL shipments reduce the time required to get quotes, easily schedule and track shipments, reduce overall shipping costs, and be better positioned to negotiate rates with their carriers through the use of technology.”

The system is easy!  A user simply adds their carriers to the MyLTL platform, submits a single quote request and instantly receives various options from their carriers much like Expedia does for hotel bookings.  All they have to do is pick the carrier that matches their needs best, click “schedule”, and they are done.  Typical users have reported that they can save an average of 15 minutes per quote by getting multiple options back from their carriers.

According to users the MyLTL platform is essential to their quoting and shipping process, saving them time and resources every day.

Here’s what users are saying:

Tim Wickline, a long-time MyLTL user, agrees. “Centralizing my carriers in one place to manage my LTL process has enabled me to spend more time on other tasks that need to be completed.”

Craig Bisson, a loyal MyLTL user, can’t live without it. “ has become our go-to system for quotes and shipping. The streamlined process allows me to get quotes instantaneously from all my carriers and then choose the carrier that is best. We save an incredible amount of time and money using MyLTL.”


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